Wind turbines


Report to Parish Council at Meeting, 13th September 2012

The Chairman, Stephanie Coupland, Margaret & Robert Taylor attended this meeting which was specifically to discuss Wind Turbines.  It was well-attended by approx. 17 people, including Nick Ridley, Peter Jones and members of other Parish Councils.

Belstead Parish Council are expecting a Planning Application to be put forward for Wind Turbines in their Village later this year. They have been looking at lots of issues in relation to this, mainly the noise and the height of the turbines.  The land is 600m behind the Village Hall, and the proposed height is 430feet and 130m wide, the width of a Boeing 747 wingspan, (bigger than Big Ben and equal to The London Eye).  It will be huge.

The PC had held meetings with Kessingland (who have 2 turbines at present) and heard how the noise factor there is creating a big problem.  This is something which Belstead found very daunting and does not wish to have. (38 Decibels Day and 43 Decibels Night).

Each turbine costs about £1million, bearing in mind that the government subsidises a large portion of this.  The landowners get £40,000 per year for land rent for each turbine.  This is also one of the worrying finds.  There is no protection for Residents.

There followed an open discussion, at which people could air their views.

One member highlighted that there does not seem to be any mention of turbines in Core Strategy and asked could this not be included.  Nick Ridley did not think it could be included because it would go against Government guidelines.  Belstead PC hoped that we could all take back to our Councils this problem and see if anyone had any hands-on approach in order to assist or support them regarding this matter.  It was mentioned that they would need money to fight any planning applications, and would other PCs be able to assist them.

For further information there is a web site address:

The meeting closed at approx. 8.45pm.