Our villages have been very fortunate to have been granted two AEDs from the British Heart Foundation, via a grant from the Department of Health, and a third has just been installed as a result of generous donations.

Training for use of these devices has taken place with over 40 people attending. If anyone is interested in undertaking training, please contact Stephanie Coupland on 01473 652297.

The AEDs are sited at the Community Hall, Hintlesham, and in the red telephone boxes in Chattisham and Duke Street, Hintlesham.  They are all registered with the East Anglian Ambulance Service.

Please note that a light will be flashing at night, and a loud alarm will sound if the box is opened.

For further information regarding the use of these devices please contact Adrian Waller, email


Hintlesham community hall



Chattisham, The Street