Parish Clerk/Treasurer:  Jo Brown 
email:  Tel:  (01473) 652677

Mr D Marsh Chair, Footpaths 652047
Mr I Bryce Vice Chair 652253
Mrs F Self National Grid Community Forum rep 652837
Mr J Bostock Benches/red kiosks (Hint), Graffiti 07771 567728
Mrs D Chase Benches/red kiosks (Chatt), Community Council rep 652359
Mr P Eaton Link rep, SALC rep, BAPTC rep 07944 813178
Mr B Cox Public transport 652461
Mr J Whyman Playing field liaison, Emergency/risk management, SALC rep 652280
Mr C Leney Safer communities & road safety
Mrs D Archer Equality & diversity

Mrs S Coupland   652297


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